Residential & Industrial Coatings

Keeping surfaces beautiful and walls dry requires protection more powerful than the elements. Your strategy: assess environmental exposure to sun, wind, rain, and temperature. Determine performance objectives. Select the most effective solution: Ascent Drywall & Coatings. Our portfolio includes smooth, textured or elastomeric coatings that enhance the value of structures and beautify the surrounding environment.

Ascent Drywall & Coatings has been serving Canada since 2013 with a commitment to quality and service. Our motto is “We treat your home like it is our own,” which we commit to on a daily basis. We employ a high standard of quality and workmanship and utilize only the best materials for any and all of your improvement needs.

Coating Services

Following are the coating services we provide to our customers.

Multi Family Painting

Custom Home Painting


Commercial Caulking


Exterior Painting


Wallpaper Installation

Intumescent Coating

In Need of a Drywall Contractor?

From Drywall Installation to Exterior Painting we provide all kinds of drywall & coating services.